A history of






The McCarton School: a world renowned leader in autism education.


In 2002, McCarton Foundation began raising funds to open what would be our first and longest-supported program, the McCarton School for children with autism. Utilizing Dr. McCarton’s Integrative Methodology developed at McCarton Center Manhattan, the McCarton School was the first school to have a 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio with dedicated speech and language therapists and occupational therapists in each classroom. The school, now rebranded as Keswell, continues to educate children ages 3-21, integrates ABA, speech, and occupational therapies in addition to educational studies, and includes a home-based component. The school achieved such tremendous success that in 2008, it outgrew its original location.

That year, McCarton Foundation led a successful campaign for a new building that could accommodate the growing number of students and staff. This enabled the school to move to their current home, a 30,000 square-foot facility in Chelsea. Over the years McCarton Foundation continued to enhance the school, launching the Adapted Physical Education program as well as an Arts and Music program taught by individuals with autism. The program continues to be cited the "gold standard in autism education."


Children's Academy: a leading school for children with speech and language delays. 


In 2008, Dr. McCarton launched the Children’s Academy, New York City’s only multidisciplinary kindergarten through 12th grade nonprofit day school for children with speech and language delays with dedicated licensed Speech & Language Pathologists in every classroom. The low student-to-teacher ratio offers a unique learning environment where Dr. McCarton’s Integrative Methodology is used in conjunction with traditional, grade-appropriate curriculum.

McCarton Foundation raised funds and awareness for Children's Academy, helped them build their Board of Directors, and manage their marketing and partnership programs.

In 2016 the Foundation launched a buddy program with the Collegiate School, pairing children from Children’s Academy, with typically developing peers from Collegiate.


The Genius of Autism, showcasing and celebrating the incredible talent of young people with autism.


The Genius of Autism is a programmatic initiative which hosts educational and inspirational events celebrating the incredible talent that exists on the autism spectrum and honors young artists with autism. From singers and dancers to painters and animators, the program brings together a diverse group of young people from around the world whose extraordinary talents are truly inspiring.

The 2011 inaugural Genius of Autism event event took place at Carnegie Hall and featured the amazing performances young people with autism as well as celebrity performances and presentations from names like Deepak Chopra, Alicia Keys, Holly Robinson Peete, and more. 

The Genius of Autism captures the very spirit of McCarton Foundation. It provides us with an opportunity to share with the public what we see every day: the incredible ability that exists on the autism spectrum. Where others may see limitation, we see extraordinary potential.


Join us in educating and empowering children with autism.